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Smart Technology Equals Smart Savings On Your Energy Bill.

Smart technology equals smart savings on your energy bill.

When we think about all the benefits that new technology brings to our lives, “saving money” isn’t always top of the list. Smart appliances, wireless homes and voice assistant devices can often seem like frivolous toys designed to make life easier and impress the neighbours.  But when it comes to reducing the bottom line on your energy bill, it pays to take another look at new technology.

Smart meters lie at the heart of new technology in the energy market. Mojo Power customers with a smart meter and our mobile app have access to priceless information that puts you in control of your energy usage. You can see how much you’re using, when you’re using it, and you can even figure out what impact individual appliances are having on your bill.

Here’s a run-down of some the best features of the app

  • Monitor and compare your electricity usage patterns on a monthly, daily or hourly basis.  With this feature, you can see how your lifestyle choices impact on your energy usage and costs – and make changes accordingly.
  • Solar customers can also see how much of the energy consumed was generated in the home and how much came from the grid so they can adapt their usage to ensure they use as much of their in-home generated energy as possible. That’s a big potential saving.
  • Our RealTime feature provides live energy information and insights on your phone. With RealTime, you can see the impact of changing your use of appliances almost immediately – turn on your clothes dryer or air conditioner and watch what happens! Please note: RealTime is not available to all customers. You must have a compatible smart meter and a good telecommunications signal to be able to use RealTime.
  • Some customers have told us they’ve made significant savings in less than three months because the information they obtained through the app.
  • If you’re interested in getting into solar then you can use Mojo’s theoretical solar simulator to get an idea of what savings may be achievable with a well-designed solar PV system.  It can even help you work out your savings depending on what size system – from 1kW to 15kW.

There’s also a great range of nifty features to help you keep in contact with Mojo at your convenience such as billing history, alerts generated by usage or spend, notifications, feedback and a refer-a-friend credit you receive to make sure we thank you when you convince a friend to join us.

But don’t just take out word for it, take a tour of the app today.  Download the app and click the DEMO button to see for yourself. Or if you already have the app be sure to check out our website user guide here.

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