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About Mojo

You’ve already made the switch to solar. Now it’s time to make the most of your panels with personalised solar advice and support from Mojo to help you maximise the benefits of your system. Our real-time technology enables you to make better choices when it comes to your energy.*

We’re a little different to other power companies, here's how:

We give you the tools to take back control of your energy

We help you understand how you use energy and what it costs

We show you how to use less energy

How Can Mojo Help

Mojo is your one stop shop for solar services. We offer expert solar advice – including anything from getting the most out of your panels to advice on installing more.

Solar System Upgrades

We’ll set you up with one of our trusted solar installers and provide you with tailored support throughout your upgrade journey with Mojo.

Personalised Usage Advice

Let us help you maximise your power efficiency and minimise your energy consumption, to help reduce your bill.

Low Rates Always

That means no need to chase disappearing discounts to get the best price. You’ll always get our best rate from the get go, it’s that simple.

Real Time Monitoring

Take back control of your energy and monitor your usage in real-time. Learn about your system to get the most out of your solar system.

Weekly Usage Insights

Receive weekly usage insights direct to your inbox. With handy information at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to take action and slash your bill.

Solar Performance Monitoring

Ever wondered if your solar panel is working? Wonder no more with our solar performance analytics, you’ll have access to dedicated solar reporting hub.

Leading Smartphone App

Be in the know, on the go. Download the free Mojo Power app and access your energy dashboard when you’re out and about.

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*Real-time usage and data analytics are only available to customers with smart meters at their property.

Get a fairer deal on your power

With Mojo Power you’ll always get our best deal from the get go, it’s that simple.