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Energy Saving Tips: Home Appliances

At Mojo, we don’t make more money if you use more energy. So we’re really on your side when it comes to reducing your consumption. Here are a few simple tips to reduce your usage on your appliances and get your bill down.

  • Check the Energy Ratingwhen buying new appliances to compare their energy efficiency.
  • Keep the temperature of your fridge set between 3 to 4 degrees celsius and your freezer to below 15 to 18 degrees celsius.
  • Ensure you have the right size fridge. Too big and you’re cooling empty shelves and too small and you might need a second.
  • If you have a second fridge, just turn it on when you really need that chilled beer and wine.
  • Don’t unnecessarily pre-heat the oven and try to cook multiple things at once.
  • Identify appliances that you can turn off when not in use – these could be microwaves, TV’s, games consoles, stereos and air conditioners

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