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How do I sign up?

To sign up to Mojo power, click here.

To help you with your application, here are some of our common Application questions.

+I don’t know my National Meter Identifier (NMI)? Can you help?

Typically, you’ll find your NMI on your current energy bill. It may be on the front of the first or second page of the bill and is eleven digits. If you don’t have a bill, we can help you identify the correct information – just email us at or jump on Live Chat on our website


+Can I use a different ID instead of a driver’s licence?

Absolutely – you can use and enter you Medicare card details or Passport ID number.


+Can you do a bill comparison before I complete my sign up with Mojo?

Yes, we can! Simply send us a copy of your bill to  and one of our Energy Specialists will email you our latest offer that suits your needs, along with your estimated annual savings analysis.


+Can I add someone else to my account?

Yes, you can! After you complete your online sign up, you may email us the details at


+Do I need an email address to sign up to Mojo Power?

Since Mojo Power is an online energy retailer – you do need an email address to sign up. Email is how we communicate with our customers and how we set up your MyMojo account.


+Can I get gas via Mojo Power?

No, Mojo Power do not offer gas plans at this time.


+Do you service all areas of Australia?

Not quite – we currently service New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.


Before you apply for Mojo’s smart meter products, please read the following before you begin your application if:

  • you don’t have a smart meter OR
  • you don’t know whether you have a smart meter.

+Can you assess my meter?

We surely can. Email us a photo of your meter to with a subject title: Assess My Meter. Our team can then provide you with an assessment as to whether or not your meter can be upgraded to a smart meter, for smooth installation.


+Do I have to pay fees for metering work?

Fees may apply if our metering co-ordinator is unable to gain safe access to the meter box or in an even that extra work is required. If this does happen, our metering team will call you to advise the next steps involved.


+I want a smart meter ASAP – how do I get one installed?

If your site is suitable for a smart meter exchange, this can happen in approx. 2-4 weeks after your transfer to Mojo is complete. We provide smart meters on a new and replacement basis.


+Is there any upfront cost for a smart meter?

With Mojo Power, there’s no upfront cost for a smart meter or a standard installation.

However, if the installation is complicated such as asbestos or hazards exist around the meter board, we will quote for this work to be done and pass through applicable fees and charges for any requested metering work completed at your property.

Find out more about smart meters.



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