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How long does it take for Mojo to connect my home?

Once you’ve signed up, it usually takes 2-5 business days for Mojo to connect your home.

Following sign-up, you will receive your contract documents from which your mandatory 10 business day cooling-off period starts. Also during this period, you’ll need to confirm your email address.

We will connect your home during the 10 day cooling off period, however you’re still able to cancel your sign up at any time within the cool off period.

Here are some of our common Pre Transfer questions

Once you have completed the signup process you’ll receive a Welcome Pack sent to your nominated email address, which includes:

  • Your rates
  • Your contract
  • Terms and Conditions.

You’ll also get a communication notifying you that your MyMojo access has been activated. If you indicated, upon sign up, that you have concessions, you will also receive a letter and a form for you to fill out and return so we can register and verify your concession eligibility.

Once you complete your sign up with Mojo and choose the applicable concession option you will receive a letter from us with the concessions forms to complete and return. This will allow Mojo to review the submitted form and ensure you are eligible for rebates to be applied.

You can set up your Direct Debit details through your secure MyMojo Portal. You can email us at and our team will send you a form to fill in if required.

Unfortunately, we can only deliver bills to one email address however you can access your bills on the MyMojo portal.

You do! The 10-day cooling off period is a regulatory requirement for all of our customers to ensure we provide all options to help you decide on your energy provider of choice.

That’s okay – these things happen – you have a 10-day cooling off period to help you make the decision.

Mojo is required by regulators to give all new customers a 10-day cooling off period to help you make informed decisions when switching energy retailers.

You may still be in the pre transfer period or you have transferred but you are waiting for your smart meter to be installed and linked to your account.

This shouldn’t happen once you have been transferred to Mojo Power. You should get a final bill from your previous energy retailer and then billing will commence from Mojo in approx. one month – if you have a smart meter.

Breaking up can be hard to do so leave it to us. If you are simple changing retailers, you don’t have to do a thing – once you complete the sign up we will take care of the rest – including notifying your old retailer of the transfer. If you are moving site you will need to ask your previous retailer to close that account – we can’t do that for you.

You’re only human – we all make mistakes! You can reach out to us via our website Live Chat or send us an email at with any and all details you’d like to update.

We always recommend you schedule moving your energy account at least 2-3 business day before your physical move. Once you sign up, our online portal will prompt you to advise the move-in date and you’ll get assistance from our team. If your move means you are moving away from your current energy retailer you will need to let them know you are moving out.

No. Our invoice delivery is via email only. We find it more environmental-friendly, effective, efficient and reliable!

Yes, definitely! If you have entered incorrect or outdated info by mistake, you don’t have to complete the online sign up again. Simply reply to your Welcome to Mojo Power email and we’ll update the details for you.

Or, as soon as your switch is complete (usually within 2 weeks), you will be able to log into your MyMojo Portal to check and edit your details as needed.

Smart meter

Once you have become a Mojo customer (see Post Transfer section) you will be contacted by one of our meter providers to arrange a smart meter installation. Once installed, you’ll receive a Meter Upgrade Complete email from us letting you know that the upgrade has happened. This process starts upon sign up when you select a product that requires a smart meter. The onboarding automatically determines what type of meter you have and whether you need a smart meter or if you have one.

Please read this article for information on your smart meter installation

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