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Metering Installation Timeframes

Changes to the electricity industry rules mean there are new timeframes for the installation/replacement or exchange of metering. These timeframes only apply in jurisdictions where Power of Choice rules are in effect, of these Mojo Power only operate in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

*New Connection Meter Installations Timeframe: *Once notification has been received that all requisite connection services are completed (by your Electrician and/or the Local Network Service provider), the meter must be installed by a date agreed with you or within 6 business days.

Malfunctioning Meter Rectification Timeframe: As soon as is practicable, but no later than 15 Business days after the metering coordinator has been notified of the meter installation malfunction.

Meter exchange (existing site upgrades or modifications) Timeframe: Mojo Power are required to complete a meter exchange by the date agreed with you or within 15 Business days of receiving a request from a small customer to exchange the meter.

In all instances, you will be contacted by either Mojo Power or our appointed Metering Coordinator to discuss the meter works and if possible, negotiate a specific date for works to be carried out. If a date cannot be confirmed the works will be completed within the maximum timeframe as detailed above.

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