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What is an Occupier? Am I one?

An occupier of a premise is a person occupying or having control of the site supply address on retailer record. To notify us that you are the new occupier of a premise which Mojo Power supplies, please contact

Setting an account for your new address

When moving to a new property, you must establish an account with Mojo Power for electricity.

Even if the electricity is already on the property when you move in, if you do not set up your own account you may be:

  •    liable for the previous occupier’s energy consumption
  •    you might be paying higher rates for electricity than if you had chosen your own energy contract and rates
  •    the site may get disconnected if Mojo Power is unable to make contact with you.

‘Dear customer/occupier’ letters’

From time to time we send letters addressed ‘To the Occupant’ in regards to setting up an account with us.

These letters are sent to people who are using electricity at the address to let them know they need to set up an account so that we continue to supply them. They are usually sent to addresses where we have the right to bill for electricity, but the occupier hasn’t yet set up their account.

Please be assured these are official Mojo Power customer letters informing you of an action you need to take to avoid possible supply disconnection. Alternatively, you may seek a new contract with another energy retailer.

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