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One Cent Matters

When people try and cut back, they think they’re saving money and maybe, just maybe the next bill will reflect that, but it’s impossible to put a dollar figure to these changes. There are multiple factors that can obscure what’s happening; a change in temperature, time spent on holiday, new appliances of varying energy efficiency, a retailer price change. 


Mojo is the first retailer to give you the ability to really understand and manage your energy consumption. With our plans, not only do you get access to wholesale energy rates that no other retailer in Australia offers, but we’ll also install a smart meter in your home.

Track your usage in real-time with your MyMojo portal

Track your usage in real-time with your MyMojo portal

The smart meter sends us a reading of your usage every half an hour, which can be viewed in easy to read charts in your personal MyMojo account, accessible through your computer, tablet or mobile. With this data you can finally understand the difference that individual changes can make. In fact, we’ll work with you to bring your bill down and for the first time you’ll see why one cent really does matter.

To give a good example, a customer recently got in touch with a question about his usage. His name is Sean and he’s been a Mojo customer for a few months now. His smart meter told him he was spending 6 cents every half an hour – whilst he slept! And he wanted to know why.


It turned out he was powering a lot of things at night he didn’t need to – lights were left on, phones and laptops were charging despite being fully powered, appliances were on standby. So we asked him to run a little experiment, we’ll call it the Smarter Power Challenge.

Here’s what he had to do:

  • For the first night, leave everything as normal. Keep the lights on as you normally do, all your gadgets plugged in.
  • For the second night, try turning one thing off.
  • For the next night, try switching off another appliance – you’ll begin to see what each appliance costs.
  • Once you’ve been through each appliance, just power those things that you really need to keep on.

After running the test, Sean found he could easily get his spend to 5 cents. A one cent saving might not sound like a lot, but that’s every half-hour! That’s 16 cents per night. At that rate, Sean would go from spending $350 at night per year to $292, that’s a $68 saving!


Now, the big question is – if he could save $68 whilst he slept, what could he save whilst awake?

See how much you could save with the Mojo smarter power challenge

If you have a smart meter, why not take our challenge and see what you can save. To get you started, here are a few things you could turn off.

  • An obvious one, but switch all the lights off.
  • Don’t charge things that are fully powered, like laptops, phones, iPads. Just switch them off and unplug.
  • Don’t leave anything on standby – that’s not just the TV, but games consoles, Foxtel, washing machine, dishwasher. Just don’t unplug the fridge or freezer!
  • Where possible, turn things off at the wall.

To get  Mojo’s smart meter and real time data click here.

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