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Smart Meter Upgrade for Essential Energy Customers

Essential Energy Distributor

If you are upgrading to a smart meter and your network is Essential Energy, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

When your smart meter is installed, your tariff will default to Time Of Use (“TOU”). This is part of our obligation to Essential Energy Network.

Entitlements and Benefits

From 1 July 2018, Essential Energy requires that new connections, meter upgrades and new solar PV residential installations are to default to a Time of Use tariff.

Mojo Power is required to follow Essential Energy’s rules and apply the TOU tariff to energy accounts.

Customers are entitled to request TOU tariff to be changed to Anytime Usage by advising Mojo and we can raise this request for you with Essential Energy.

The benefits of the TOU tariff is that rates are a lot lower during off-peak times and customers can take advantage of this and pay less if they use electricity during this period. The TOU tariff timings of Peak, Off-Peak, Shoulder are below:


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