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Terms and Conditions – $250 Credit Offer

Receive $250 credit if you join Mojo Power between 6 August – 16 September 2018 (applied and approved).

The credit will be applied in two instalments to the customer:

  • the first $125 to the customers’ first bill; and
  • the second on their first bill in 2019. 

It’s a Condition for both instalments that the customer must be an active customer and the credit is not applicable to any final bills.

Applicable to NSW and QLD residential properties only.

The offer includes a smart meter installation for eligible properties.  Some properties are ineligible for installation due to their location, 3G signal strength or if meter box upgrades are required.  If a smart meter cannot be installed the customer will default to quarterly reads based on their Network.  For more information please read here. 

Please note that not all comparison sites will include this $250 credit in their calculations so be sure to keep that in mind if and when you are comparing.

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