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Terms and Conditions – Refer a Friend

The following promotion terms apply to the Refer a Friend Promotion for Mojo Power Pty Ltd ABN 85 604 909 837 (Mojo) customers.

  1. Mojo is running a promotion for Mojo’s current customers (each a Referrer) who refer residential electricity customers to Mojo’s products and services using a unique link (Referral Link) sent to the Referrer by Mojo. To find the special code you can click the gift icon in the top right hand corner of the Mojo app screen. You will see a unique code (see app screen below where blurred box is) and pass your code onto a friend.
  2. The promotion is available to Referrers and individuals who satisfy the following criteria (Referred Customers):    
    • NSW and Queensland Energex network residential electricity customers who are at least 18 years of age and are the primary account holder of their energy account at the connected residential property;
    • satisfy Mojo’s credit policy, and
    • complete the Referral Process set out in these terms.
  3. A Referrer is ineligible to be a Referred Customer.
  4. Once the Referral Process is complete, Mojo will provide a AU$50 credit to each of the Referrer and the Referred Customer. 
  5. Credits will be issued no later than 12 weeks following the completion of the Referred Customer transferring to Mojo Power.
  6. There is no limit as to how many Referred Customers can use the Referral Link.
  7. Credits are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  8. Mojo reserves the right to revoke credit for a Referrer or a Referred Customer if the Referrer or the Referred Customer does not comply with these terms.
  9. Mojo may vary these promotion terms by publishing the revised terms here.


How to sign up and claim the $50 credit

It’s easy to claim your $50 credit.

When you’ve received the referral code from a friend begin the onboarding process by selecting a Switch Now button. On the second part of sign up you will be asked to add a Promo code. Add this code here and you and your referrer will have a $50 applied to your account. That’s it!

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