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The website won’t let me signup

If the Mojo website says, “Oh no…”, it means we’re currently unable to service the site. There could be several reasons why we are unable to service a site:

1. Mojo does not operate in your area

Mojo does not operate as a retailer in your distribution zone yet. Currently, Mojo only operates in NSW and south east QLD in the Energex distribution zone. You can register your interest on our website. Areas with higher registered interests increase the likelihood that Mojo is made available to that area in the near future.

2. Mojo cannot install a smart meter in your area

As the smart meter is an integral part of our plans, if we cannot install a meter in your area we won’t be able to service your home.

3. You do not meet our credit criteria

As the Mojo onboarding process requires a good credit history, you may have not been able to meet our standard credit criteria.
You can sign up again as soon as your credit is cleared. Alternatively, in certain circumstances a partner or spouse residing with you can signup.

4. The site already has an active Mojo account

This site has already been signed up by another customer and we have had no indication that they have closed the account. If you are moving into a home, check with the previous occupant or your real estate agent.

5. A unique identifier ( has already been taken

The email or NMI you have signed up with is already taken. Ensure that emails and NMI’s are spelled correctly. You will also be notified in the signup process if an email or NMI is already taken.

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