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Mojo: Who are we and why we’re different

Hello there. We’re Mojo Power, nice to meet you.

We’re a new energy retailer. And we’re different to all the other energy retailers out there. I know they all say that, and everyone is unique. But we really are different, this is how. 



Our energy plans gets you access to our lowest energy rates at all times.

There are two Single rate plans to choose from at the moment:

All Day Breakfast 

Single Minded


We’ll replace that old-fashioned meter in your home with a shiny and new, futuristic smart meter.

Whilst your old meter required someone to come round and take a physical reading – the smart meter is incredibly clever and sends that information via the internet. Your energy usage is transmitted digitally throughout the day to the meter provider and we take that data and present it to you in an easy to read way in your MyMojo portal.


Your MyMojo portal is your gateway to energy savings! It’s accessible through our website (just click MyMojo at the top of this page). Here you can find your usage in real-time* (so what’s actually happening right now) and broken down into half-hour or full day increments. Using this information, you’ll be able to pinpoint dates and times when your energy consumption was higher than normal – and in this way you’ll be can identify energy guzzling appliances and make real savings.

In addition to this, we’ll help you out too. Once you’ve had your smart meter for 6 months we can send you a report card to help you optimise your usage. This will give you detailed insights into your energy consumption and whether we think there are any changes you could be making to save even more money.


We’d love to hear from you – if you have any questions just drop us an email at or start a live chat.



*Real-time is dependent on having a compatible smart meter and a good telecommunications signal. In some cases real-time can be intermittent or unavailable.

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We’re not just another faceless power company; speak to our power people.

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