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Say hello to the future of energy

What are wholesale rates?

For the most part, energy companies take their energy costs and add a retail markup to set their price. For example, if it costs them 18 cents per kWh in usage charges, they might charge you 25 cents per kWh. This means the more energy you use, the more money they make.


This ancient way of thinking needs a refresh, which is where we come in. Mojo customers pay a flat subscription fee - our EnergyPass™ - to access our wholesale rates, our expected costs of delivering energy to you. This way we don’t profit based on how much energy you use and can work with you to use less.


Energy costs are made up of generation, network, metering and government charges.

For illustration purposes only. Savings do not apply to all circumstances and depend on your current energy plan and energy usage.

Generator charges

Produce the electricity in far-flung parts of the country (generally close to coal mines).

Metering charges

Covers the installation, servicing and reading of the meter at your home.

Network charges

Transport this electricity from the generators to your home.

Government charges

Include GST and multiple government schemes relating to things such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Keep track of energy usage with our Smart Meter

To really gain control of your power, we suggest our Plus+ and Premium EnergyPass™ subscriptions. When you choose one of these offerings we’ll upgrade your lousy old energy meter to our latest Smart Meter technology.   A Mojo Smart Meter digitally reads your energy usage over short intervals and relays the information back to us. We share this data with you in real time on your phone so you can monitor your usage and avoid any nasty bill shocks.   We’re not just your energy retailer. We’re your energy partner, you could say we have a connection.

See your usage daily and hourly

Want to pump the air conditioner without pumping up the bill? Have peace of mind with half hour energy usage up-dates.

See your current spend at anytime

Keep track of your energy at all times and identify the energy hogs in your home. That spare fridge your mother-in-law gave you could be the culprit.

We will predict your usage each month

Avoid bill shock you’ve become too familiar with. Our Smart Meter will give you a better idea of what’s to come each month.

Manage it all online with MyMojo

Get your energy Mojo back with MyMojo. MyMojo makes it easy to manage your account, view your plans, change your details, see and pay your bills. Almost anything you need is found at MyMojo, or should we say your Mojo.

Manage your account

Moving house? Changing phone number? Updating your personal details is too easy with Mojo. Simply jump online and get it sorted super quickly! Job done.

View & change plans

No long phone calls for simple things like checking your rates or changing your EnergyPass™. Get it done online with stealth and efficiency, whenever you want. Instead of hanging on a line, we prefer to give you your time - hey this rhymes!

Manage your bills

Our customers like to keep on top of things. We think this is pretty great, so that’s why with Mojo you can see your new bills and all previous bills organised in one place. You can also easily update your credit card and bank details. Control freaks rejoice!

Risk-free switching

Switching is super easy and there’s no risk to your power supply.
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