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NSW Written Disclosure Statement

Written Disclosure Statement for our NSW Customers

Change your mind?  You have a cooling off period.

You have a cooling off period of 10 business days from the date you entered into and received your contract documents. During this time, you can email us at or call us on 1300 019 649 and cancel your contract for any reason. You can also complete the Cancellation Form that is available here and send this to us.  You have additional rights to cancel your contract and this information is set out in your contract.

When does your contract start?

By entering into your contract, you consent for Mojo to become your electricity retailer. Your contract begins on the day you enter into your contract, however you won’t start receiving electricity under your contract until you verify your contact details with us (via an email we send you), you provide us with authorisation to debit your PayPal account or entered into a direct debit request service agreement with us for the payment of your bills and we also become your electricity retailer following the end of your cooling off period.  This could take up to 3 months if Mojo is not currently the electricity retailer for your service address.

When will your contract end?

Your contract does not fix you into a minimum contract term, but we do ask that you give us 20 business days notice to end your contract (including if you are moving).  You will not be charged any early termination fees for ending your contract.  There are other reasons that may cause your contract to end and these are set out in your contract.

What are your prices, fees and charges?

Your Mojo Rates, fees and charges are set out in the Energy Price Fact Sheet (with the applicable Mojo Rates to be confirmed to you shortly after you enter into your contract). Other fees may also apply and these are set out in your contract.  They include the EnergyPass® (if applicable), charges relating to amounts charged to us by your distributor, metering provider, metering data provider or other third parties in relation to services we arrange on your behalf and other costs that we may incur for supplying products and services to you. These other costs may include collecting your outstanding debt and payment processing fees. Your Mojo Rates, fees and charges may be varied at any time by Mojo by giving you written notice in accordance with your contract and regulatory requirements. See your contract for further information.

Your billing and payment arrangements

You will receive a bill from us monthly, once you start receiving electricity under your contract.  Your bills will be sent to your email address and will also be available in MyMojo. We will arrange for the payment of the amount owed under your bill on the due date by using the PayPal, direct debit or credit card details you provide to us.  If a payment is declined, any related fees imposed on us are payable by you and may be included in a later bill. If your PayPal, direct debit or credit card details change or expire, you must provide us with updated details as soon as possible.  This can be done through your online MyMojo account. Your bill will also set out other options to pay your bills. For direct debit or credit card payments, see our Payment Terms and Conditions for further information.  If you have authorised payments through PayPal, please refer to the PayPal Recurring Payments and Billing Agreement available from PayPal for further information.

Electronic transactions

Mojo may provide information (including your bill) to you by electronic message, including email, SMS, MyMojo message and mobile application messages.  By entering into your contract, you consent to information being delivered to you in this way.
By entering into your contract (and agreeing to the separate Payment Terms and Conditions or the PayPal Recurring Payments and Billing Agreement) you consent to your bills being paid to Mojo by PayPal through your nominated PayPal account, direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card that you provide to us.  This means that Mojo will arrange for the amount payable on your bill to be withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card or PayPal account on the due date stated in your bill.

Concessions and rebates

If you currently hold a Government concession card, you may be eligible to receive a rebate on your energy bills.

Please contact Mojo to advise us of, or update, your concession details. For further information about the concessions and rebates that may be available to you, please refer to or contact us at

Service standards

Our service to you will meet all regulatory requirements applicable in New South Wales. These are specified in the regulatory requirements or set out in your contract.

Dispute resolution

If you have any enquiries or complaints, please contact us at or write to us at Mojo – Complaints, GPO Box 7049 Sydney NSW 2001.

Mojo aims to resolve your query or complaint as soon as possible.  We will keep you updated on our progress of finding an answer or resolution.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW on or 1800 246 545.

Refer to the Standard Complaints & Dispute Resolution Procedures for more information.  A copy is available at (or contact us to request a copy to be sent to you.

Version 4.0 November 2017

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