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We believe in 3 things

Fairness -
Playing fair

Big energy companies give some of their customer’s huge discounts and others none at all. This is hugely unfair, our EnergyPass™ ensures everybody has access to the same low rates in their area, no matter what their circumstances are. That’s fair and we’re proud of it!

Transparency -
Coming clean

Sorry big energy companies, the party is over. We’re coming clean and educating our consumers on how the energy industry works – challenging everything they did or didn’t understand until this moment.

Individuality -
Have it your way

We understand that families of different sizes have different needs when it comes to energy well, it’s not rocket science. That’s why we offer a range of plans that vary in price and level of service.

What we are planning for the future

We’re revolutionising Australia’s energy industry by giving you access to wholesale energy rates and the ability to track your energy usage in real time on your phone. But, the Mojo EnergyPass™ is just the beginning. Soon we’re going to make it possible to store your solar power and then sell any unused energy back to the grid.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a community of energy savers that generate enough solar energy for us all to share. We want everyone to live off affordable, clean energy. And because we don’t make any profit on energy produced by coal or gas that you use, we’re genuinely committed to help you make that leap. Now who else can honestly say that?

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