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Two great plans for solar homes, because we all use electricity differently

When it comes to maximising your solar savings, the energy plan you choose can have a big impact. Depending on how you use your solar power, you might benefit from prioritising a higher feed-in tariff or you might be better off looking for the best usage rate available. The key is to look at all rates in conjunction with each other, rather than just focusing on one in particular, and look at what other value the plan offers – are there any smart monitoring tools you can use to get more out of your solar investment?

Which plan fits you best?

All Day Breakfast

Get one low rate – all day, every day. So there’s no need to worry about when electricity rates peak, you can put the dishwasher on whenever it suits you!

You get… 

  • One low, fixed rate
  • Our standard feed-in tariff
  • A smart meter installed*
  • Actual monthly bills (no estimates)
  • The Mojo app and online portal to monitor your energy and solar

Perfect for: 

  • Solar customers who use most of their solar at home
  • Customers with solar panels and a battery

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G’day Sunshine

The G’day Sunshine plan lets you enjoy one of the highest feed-in tariffs on the market. So when you’re not using your solar power, you know you’re getting a great feed-in tariff coming off your bill.

You get… 

  • An extra high feed-in tariff 
  • Time of use rates
  • A smart meter installed*
  • Actual monthly bills (no estimates)
  • The Mojo app and online portal to monitor your energy and solar

Perfect for:

  • Customers who have a large solar system and export a lot of solar power during the day

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*Terms and conditions apply. This assumes that installation at your site is straightforward and does not have any hazardous or out of the ordinary issues. We will quote for any additional work. To find out if you can get a smart meter installed, send two photos of your meter with the cover open (one wide shot and one close up) to

Why these plans?

Solar power isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, one of the biggest traps for young players is not understanding how to use their solar power to fit their household’s needs. This can cost new solar owners valuable savings. 

How you use your solar power matters. For most new solar owners, it’s not always about getting the highest feed-in tariff. The biggest savings usually come from using your solar power and offsetting the need to buy electricity. 

So at Mojo Power, we’ve designed two plans to fit the unique needs of Australia’s solar households and give you the flexibility to choose the one that helps you get the most out of your solar investment. 

Plus, both come with a smart meter and the Mojo app to give you better visibility and control of your energy use and solar performance… no expensive equipment required!

Switch to Mojo & we’ll upgrade your meter

When it comes to solar, there are two types of meter set-up: net and gross metering. 

With net metering, the energy generated by your solar system is used by the household first and then any excess is exported to the grid. With gross metering all of your solar power is exported to the grid, you don’t actually use any of it.

New solar systems generally use net metering which is the recommended set-up. This is because using as much solar power in your home as possible is the best way to both maximise your savings and your use of clean solar power. 

By signing up to Mojo, you’ll get your meter replaced at no extra cost* – saving an electrician’s fee of up to $700 for the upgrade. Our smart meters used alongside our mobile app will give you all the information you need to get the best value from your solar system.

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Legacy products

*For EnergyPass and Energy Connect customers only. This product is no longer generally available.

When you export generated solar energy back to Mojo we will pay you 20 cents per kWh (rate 1) up to a maximum of 5.47kWh exported per day. Any further solar energy exported that day will be paid at 10 cents per kWh* (rate 2).

While Mojo wants to compensate customers for generating excess energy, we are also keen to ensure our customers are using their solar generation systems to deliver the greatest benefit. Because there’s really no point generating excess solar power if that means you are paying for other electricity at peak rate times!

So along with the two FIT rates, we have also built smart tools to help customers analyse and plan their consumption in line with their generation capacity. By using these tools you’ll be able to see when is the best times to use your solar energy and when you’ll make the biggest savings. You can check these out here.

Here’s how the FIT rates will look on your bill

*For EnergyPass and Energy Connect customers only. This product is no longer generally available.

When you receive your bill the tariff will be itemised by rate 1 and rate 2 for the total amount generated for the month. e.g.

  • Solar FIT Rate 1: 169.86 kWh @ 20c = 33.97CR
  • Solar FIT Rate 2: 30.14 kWh @ 10c = 3.01CR

In the above scenario, you would receive a credit against your monthly charges of $36.98.

*If you are in Queensland the FiT Credit Rate 2 will increase from 9c to 10 cents from 1 July 2019.