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Organise your move in minutes

Moving home means you need all hands on deck for you and your family, and that means us, too. That’s why we’ve made moving your electricity with Mojo quick and easy.

If you’re moving house, please do the following at least 3-5 business days before you move:

Firstly, let us know the move out date of your current property via email or livechat.

Then, login to your MyMojo account and and click on Account Settings. On the next page, just scroll down and you will see a box that says SWITCH ANOTHER SERVICE ADDRESS TO MOJO.

Then just enter the new address, select YES under MOVING HOME and enter the move-in date and just follow the simple prompts.

This way your new property will be added to your existing account. The older property will have the final meter reading done on your nominated date and we will complete the move-out process with a final bill.

If your move-in date changes, please let us know by emailing

If you are a new Mojo customer and are moving into your home – just complete the sign-up process via our website and make sure you select YES under MOVING HOME.

We will then arrange connection for you on the day you move in, we ask for 3-5 business days notice.

If your move-in date changes, please let us know by emailing

Mojo asks that you give us at least 3-5 business days’ notice when organising a move in or move out or both. We will aim to get your power on as quickly as possible.

If you are moving in less than three days please live chat with us or send an email to

Get a fairer deal on your power

With Mojo Power you’ll always get our best deal from the get go, it’s that simple.