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Get your Mojo back and choose a plan that works for you!

We love advanced smart meters. They provide an accurate monthly bill but also track your usage and spend through our mobile app.

Evergreen, All Day Breakfast and G’day Sunshine require a smart meter, which we will provide and install for you *.

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*Terms and Conditions apply.

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Mojo 5th May-01

All Day Breakfast

With a smart meter installed.

Mojo’s All Day Breakfast offers you a single rate for your energy usage and a feed-in tariff too if you have solar.

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How to use renewable energy at home 1-min


If you have a smart meter

Choose 25%, 50% or 100% GreenPower for your home. Get our low rates, a feed-in tariff for solar homes and our smart tools.

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G’day Sunshine

With a smart meter installed.

As the name suggests, G’day Sunshine is rewarding those solar peeps with the largest Feed in Tariff in the market. It’s a time of use tariff with a smart meter.

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Family in field. Common Ground.

Common Ground

Without a smart meter.

Available to customers in north Queensland, get our low rates for your energy usage and a feed-in tariff for solar customers.

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Single Minded

Without a smart meter.

If you don’t have or don’t want to get a smart meter installed right now, you can still benefit from our single energy rate and a feed-in tariff for your solar.

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With Mojo Power you’ll always get our best deal from the get go, it’s that simple.

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