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The nitty-gritty of your electricity rates.

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At Mojo you always get our best rate

Some energy companies love to dangle discounts to attract new customers, but the real story is in the fine print. At Mojo, our very best rates are available to everyone, no matter how long you’ve been with us, with no disappearing discounts buried down in the details.

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We’re an online business – keeping costs low but delivering on the benefits of leading technology

No-one is more interested in reducing your energy costs than you! So we’ve put the power in your hands by providing leading-edge technology to help you better understand your energy consumption so you can consume less and save more. We invest in online solutions and provide smart meter upgrades to customers so you can monitor your energy usage (and solar generation) to help control your usage and spend less. Because our costs are reflected in the price you pay, we also prefer to keep costs low by encouraging customers to contact us online – by email or webchat.

2 Pricing plans – take your pick!

You can choose from two Mojo service plans. No matter which plan you choose you’ll get access to the same rates and a smart meter upgrade if you don’t already have one.

Mojo EnergyPass®

EnergyPass rewards customers for their loyalty by providing a $120 credit over a 12 month period. It works like this.

When you sign-up you’ll pay a non-refundable upfront subscription of $360. Over the course of the year, you’ll receive this back (plus an extra $120) in the form of a $40 monthly credit on your bill. So that’s 12 instalments of $40 totalling $480.

Customers who are high energy users, such as those with swimming pools, large homes or above average home appliances find this plan works best for them because of the competitive rates and monitoring technology – so they can control how much they spend and when they spend it.

Mojo Connect

Best for medium to low consumption customers using everyday household appliances. With Mojo Connect you pay monthly, with no upfront charge and receive a smart Meter upgrade (dependent on any property limitations). The smart meter digitally reads and stores your energy usage, allowing you to track and manage your consumption in your MyMojo portal or with the Mojo mobile app. You can then review which tariff (single rate, controlled, time of use etc) works best for your lifestyle. For more information on the tariffs and how they work take a look here.

Additional Retail Fees & Charges

For all additional retail fees and charges, such as account transaction fees, service order fees and metering fees, please see the attachment here.

At Mojo, we’re a retailer – we don’t profit from generation, network charges and government charges.

Electricity rates are made of 5 components that are passed onto our customers at our anticipated cost price. These 5 broad cost components are – generation, network, metering, government charges and retailing.

Generators produce the electricity in far-flung parts of the country (generally close to coal mines). Mojo purchases this electricity from the Australian market.

Networks transport this electricity from the generators to your home.

Metering charges cover the installation, servicing and reading of the meter at your home.

Government charges include GST and multiple government schemes relating to things such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Retailers manage the customer service to consumers, including such things as customer sales, information and service, pricing (tallying up the costs of all of the above) and billing. This is generally managed by private companies.

Some of these components are known flat costs, whereas others are not. They may depend on things such as the market price of electricity in your area or our customers’ usage. You can find more details about the actual rates and compare our products in our Basic Plan Information.

Get our full rates information.

Complete rates and fee information are available in our Basic Plan Information or just fill out this form and we can send it to you.

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Get a fairer deal on your power

With Mojo Power you’ll always get our best deal from the get go, it’s that simple.