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All Day Breakfast

Super low single rate with a smart meter installed

Why All Day Breakfast?

With Mojo’s All Day Breakfast single rate tariff, you pay a fixed cost for your energy use. And, you also benefit from the feed-in tariff – if you have solar at your place.

An All Day Breakfast is now so firmly embedded in the Australian culture, we thought it represented our single rate plan perfectly.

Why? Because it’s flexible – like pancakes for lunch, and smashed avo for dinner.

With the All Day Breakfast energy plan you don’t have to worry about what time of the day you should put the dishwasher on, bake cupcakes or even binge Netflix on the telly – because it’s the same low rate all day, all night, all the time.

This is especially important right now because we’re all at home a bit more than usual. With a Smart Meter you’ll get transparency on usage and predictable, accurate bills. And with Mojo’s mobile app you can easily view your spending and how much energy you are using.

Spread the love and save

You have the opportunity to save more with our Refer a Friend* program. When you sign up to Mojo Power and you bring a friend with you, you both get $50 credit. The credit will be applied once the friend signs up with your referral code and completes the onboarding process to become a Mojo Power customer.

Even better, limit to how many people you can refer or when you refer.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Switch Now

Do you have a smart meter?

Yes! I have a Smart Meter installed.

No. I don’t currently have a Smart Meter installed.

I don’t know. Contact us here.

Great! You can get immediate access to our All Day Breakfast Single rate just as soon as you switch to Mojo Power.

That’s OK we can sort out a smart meter for you, no worries.

You will be placed on the Single Minded product until your smart meter is installed. This can take around 2-5 weeks after your cooling off period. Once connected you will get cheaper rates on All Day Breakfast as well as visibility to your usage via our mobile app.

That’s ok. You take a look at your meter and see if you can identify it using this reference. Or when you start to sign up we can lookup your meter type by your address (which has your NMI number). Then you can decide which product is best for you.

Smart Power with Mojo app

The Mojo app reads from your smart meter and enables you to monitor your energy usage. We also have available solar monitoring tools to help you understand your potential solar generation and see your actual solar exports.

If you are thinking about solar, then the solar simulator can help you to decide what size system you might need.

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