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GreenPower accredited electricity and low rates for your business.

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Why Evergreen?

On Mojo’s Evergreen plan, choose 25%, 50% or 100% GreenPower for your business. 

Introducing Evergreen – our first business electricity plan. With Evergreen, you get our low rates and your choice of 25%, 50% or 100% GreenPower. So your business can take real climate action without it costing you the earth.


What makes Evergreen, green?

When you sign up to our Evergreen plan, you’ll be purchasing GreenPower – 100% renewable energy that has no greenhouse gas emissions.

With 100% GreenPower, every kWh of electricity your business uses is matched with a kWh of renewable energy and added to the grid on your behalf.

So your organisation can do its bit for the environment and be sure the renewable energy you purchase is the real deal – the government-managed GreenPower program independently audits us to make sure it meets their strict criteria.



GreenPower Terms and Conditions

  • Mojo Power will supply you with the GreenPower product at your nominated premises.
  • Mojo Power will source the nominated percentage to match your electricity usage from GreenPower accredited renewable generators.
  • You must pay the charges for your GreenPower product

Get a fairer deal on your power

According to Canstar Blue & Energy Made Easy we have the highest Feed in Tariff  in Ausgrid, Endeavour, Essential and Energex networks. That's a pretty fair deal!

Check out our rates for yourself based on your network area.

Current rates - New South Wales


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Or check out our FAQ's on the application process, advanced smart meters, timelines with transferring.

Smart Power with Mojo app

SME Evergreen doesn't come with a smart meter. If you already have a smart meter, the Mojo app reads from your smart meter and enables you to monitor your energy usage. We also have available solar monitoring tools to help you understand your potential solar generation and see your actual solar exports.

If you are thinking about solar, then the solar simulator can help you to decide what size system you might need.

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