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Single Minded

A low single rate all day, every day

plus a solar feed in tariff.

Without a smart meter.

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Why Single Minded

Our single-minded-ness comes from confidence in knowing what you want. You want simple, you want carefree, you want the single life (even if we’re not).

Mojo Power gets it, which is why we offer a single rate, a single focus, a single minded energy rate with a solar feed in tariff.

This is a single rate for those that don’t want or cannot get a smart meter at this time.

Spread the love and save

You have the opportunity to save more with our Refer a Friend* program. When you sign up to Mojo Power and you bring a friend with you, you both get $50 credit. The credit will be applied once the friend signs up with your referral code and completes the onboarding process to become a Mojo Power customer.

Even better, there is no limit to how many people you can refer, or when you refer.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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Get a fairer deal on your power

According to Canstar Blue & Energy Made Easy we have the highest Feed in Tariff  in Ausgrid, Endeavour, Essential and Energex networks. That's a pretty fair deal!

Check out our rates for yourself based on your network area.

Current rates - New South Wales


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Or check out our FAQ's on the application process, advanced smart meters, timelines with transferring.