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At Mojo you always get our best rate

Other energy companies love to dangle discounts to attract new customers, but the real story is in the fine print. At Mojo, our very best rates are available to everyone, with no disappearing discounts buried down in the details.

Use less, spend less

Our goals are completely aligned with yours – to help you better understand how you can consume less. Unlike other companies, our profits don’t increase with your usage, which means we genuinely want to help you use less and spend less.

Pay in advance and earn rewards

Our EnergyPass® provides you $480 worth of Mojo Points, via 12 bill credits of $40 per month. See here for more information.

Get our full rates information.

Complete rates and fee information are available in our Basic Plan Information or just fill out this form and we can send it to you.

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Get a fairer deal on your power

With Mojo Power you’ll always get our best deal from the get go, it’s that simple.