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Putting you in control of your energy usage

No one is more interested in how much you spend on energy than you.

So instead of offering disappearing discounts and one-off bribes, we’re working hard to bring you the tools you need to monitor and save on your energy costs.  At Mojo, everyone gets a smart meter*, and the rich data from that meter is presented to you in useful, timely ways through our MyMojo Portal and the Mojo mobile app. Putting everything you need to control your spending right at your fingertips.

*Unless you don’t want a smart meter or there is a problem with your property that makes it difficult to install.

Managing your energy spend starts with a smart meter

A smart meter is an advanced digital meter located at your home that reads and records the amount of electricity you use over 60-minute intervals and remotely communicates this information back to us. We can then share this data with you to provide insights on your actual energy usage.

With a Smart meter installed you’ll get complete visibility of your energy usage through the Mojo app or MyMojo portal, so you can understand and control the costs of using your appliances.

MyMojo – your gateway to energy control

MyMojo is an online portal to view everything you need to know about your energy account. The smart meter sends us a reading of your usage every half an hour, which can be viewed in easy to read charts in your personal MyMojo account, accessible through your computer, tablet or mobile. With this data, you can finally understand the difference that individual changes can make. You’ll be able to pinpoint dates and times when your energy consumption was higher than normal – and in this way, you’ll be can identify energy-guzzling appliances and make real savings.

You’ll also find current spend and forecast spend for the month to help you budget and reduce any bill surprises.

Mojo’s Mobile App

We’ve also built a fantastic mobile app that helps you understand how much energy you’re using, how much it is costing, and even help figure out what specific appliances are costing you using the real-time feature.

The Apps’ RealTime* monitoring of your energy usage via your smart meter is an innovative feature pioneered by Mojo together with our metering partners. With no additional hardware other than your smart meter, we can provide you with live energy information and insights generally only available with third-party energy monitoring equipment that can cost hundreds of dollars.

*RealTime monitoring is enabled when you have an approved smart meter that is configured with Mojo Power. Let us know if you would like to replace your smart meter. We classify RealTime as between 0-360 seconds.

Special Solar Features

The Mojo app also contains advanced solar monitoring features so that you can see how your solar is performing and take action to get the most out of your solar investment.

If you don’t already have solar then Mojo’s solar simulator can help you to analyse your usage data, along with other household information you provide to get an idea of what size system you might need and the savings you could achieve with a well-designed solar PV system.