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Putting you in control of your energy usage

No one is more interested in how much you spend on energy than you.

So instead of offering disappearing discounts and one-off bribes, we’re working hard to bring you the tools you need to monitor and save on your energy costs.  At Mojo, everyone gets an advanced smart meter*.  The  data from that meter is presented to you in useful and timely ways through our MyMojo Portal and the Mojo mobile app. Putting everything you need to control your spending right at your fingertips.

How can I tell if I have a smart meter?

If you’re not sure whether you have a smart meter or not please read Understanding your meter, to help identify the meter you have at your place. A good indication is that if you receive a monthly actual bill (not estimated) you probably have a smart meter.

If you live in an apartment and you don’t have a smart meter, please send us two photos of your meter and meter board before you switch so we can confirm there is room on the meter board to upgrade your meter and we can individually isolate your power for installation. This will help decide if you qualify for our smart meter tariff products and whether there are any costs associated as it may not be a standard smart meter installation.

*Unless you don’t want a smart meter or there is a problem with your property that makes it difficult to install.

Can I get a smart meter installed if I am a tenant?

It is usually possible to have a smart meter installed without your owner’s permission if the existing meter board does not require any upgrades or electrical work.

If you don’t have a smart meter or you're not sure whether you have one, please read the following before you begin your application

We surely can. Email us a photo of your meter to with a subject title: Assess My Meter. Our team can then provide you with an assessment as to whether or not your meter can be upgraded to a smart meter, for smooth installation.

With Mojo Power, we will absorb the cost of the installation as long as it meets the safety standards. If the installation requires further work outside the safety standards such handling major asbestos or isolation issues, we will quote for this work to be done and pass through applicable fees and charges for any requested metering work completed at your property.

Select Switch Now and chose the product you want. The sign up process will determine whether your meter is a smart one. If not, we will place you on the Single Minded product until we can install a smart meter for you.

This happens, once Mojo is responsible for being the retailer of your site address. We will raise a request to one of Metering partners to arrange a smart meter installation. This process can take up to 4 weeks to upgrade. Our Metering partner will be in touch with you to confirm an installation schedule. Potential delays may occur if they are not advised of any access issues, or if there are any circumstance such as weather conditions impacting the installation on the day and require a reschedule.

Managing your energy spend starts with a smart meter

A smart meter is an advanced digital meter located at your home that reads and records the amount of electricity you use over 60-minute intervals and remotely communicates this information back to us. We can then share this data with you to provide insights on your actual energy usage.

With a Smart meter installed you’ll get complete visibility of your energy usage through the Mojo app or MyMojo portal, so you can understand and control the costs of using your appliances.

MyMojo – your gateway to energy control

MyMojo is an online portal to view everything you need to know about your energy account. The smart meter sends us a reading of your usage every half an hour. This data can be viewed in easy-to-read charts in your personal MyMojo account, accessible through your computer, tablet or mobile. With this data, you can finally understand the difference that individual changes can make. You’ll be able to pinpoint dates and times when your energy consumption was higher than normal. And in this way, you can identify energy-guzzling appliances and make real savings.

You’ll also find current spend and forecast spend for the month to help you budget and reduce any bill surprises.

Mojo’s Mobile App

We’ve also built a fantastic mobile app that helps you understand how much energy you’re using, how much it is costing, and even help figure out what specific appliances are costing you.

The Apps’ monitoring of your energy usage via your smart meter is an innovative feature pioneered by Mojo together with our metering partners. With no additional hardware other than your smart meter, we can provide you with valuable energy information and insights.

Special Solar Features

The Mojo app also contains advanced solar monitoring features so that you can see how your solar is performing and take action to get the most out of your solar investment.

If you don’t already have solar then Mojo’s solar simulator can help you to analyse your usage data, along with other household information you provide to get an idea of what size system you might need and the savings you could achieve with a well-designed solar PV system.

Status update:

Our Solar Simulation tool is currently not available to access. This feature provides an estimate of potential solar generation which is built-in from our app and not the smart meter.

If you’re familiar with the solar simulator, it is represented by the white bars in this graph showing how much potential Solar has gone into the house.

Our IT Engineers are currently working on having this feature available and we’ll update the status here.

Your solar panels and inverter will still be working recording all your actual exports and network imports and this does not reflect or impact the accuracy of your electricity bills.